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16th August 2023
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Femme On Collective

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Join Tonya and actress Radhika Rao in Active Activism as they discuss how Radhika came to identify as an activist, the joys of helping others, and her dream of being an ambassador for peace. Listen now.

Molly Schenck is Ada's latest guest in Poetry Theatre. Join them as they discuss Molly's poetry origin story. Listen now.


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This week, I had the absolute pleasure of talking to I am Jacs musings for Back to the Filmography. We had a wild conversation about Crank: High Voltage. Jason Statham returns as Chev Chelios, but does it match up tot he first film? Tune in on Monday to find out on Back to the Filmography.

A. R. Farina

A R Farina Logo

This week on Indie Comics Spotlight, Tony is joined by friend of the show, writer, director, Femme on co-founder Alsyon Shelton and making his debut, new friend of the pod, producer, editor, and husband to Alyson, Cody Shelton. They talk about Image Comics The Beauty. Is it beautiful? Tune in to find out.

I Am Jacs Musings

I Am Jacs Musings Logo

This fortnight's release sees the return of fan favourite Stath character Chev Chelios and everyone's favourite SuperDummy Paul to discuss the unlikeliest of sequels: Crank: High Voltage.

There's a lot to discuss from this turned up to eleven sequel, not in the least whether it's knowingly transgressive or ignorantly ist. We don't have all the answers but we did have a great time discussing all the issues.

Find out what we thought on Monday 21st August.

Don't forget to #FollowtheFilmography as we witness the #Statholution.

Mike Of Genuine Chit-Chat

Mike Of Genuine Chit Chat and Star Wars Comics in Canon Logo

The #RoadToAhsoka continues! Our trio of rebels (Dave, Maff & Mike) have finished Star Wars: Rebels and give their thoughts on the finale; season 4 – which heavily connects to the upcoming Ahsoka series, showing more of Thrawn in canon, Ahsoka’s dramatic return, more of Sabine’s Mandalorian history, the long-awaited “Jedi Night” and more! In the episode they discuss how the finale season is different from the others, as well as detailing their thoughts on each of the main character’s arcs, what happens to Ezra, Kanan and Thrawn, Mandalorian history, Clone Wars connections, Palpatine, Saw Gerrera, the World Between Worlds, more connections to Andor and more!

Mike has also guested on two podcasts in the #RoadToAhsoka!
Mike appeared on Star Wars Timeline to discuss Ahsoka from her Clone Wars debut up to her appearance in Book Of Boba Fett, listen/watch here:
Mike also appeared on the Reckless Rebellion podcast to talk about all 3 Thrawn book trilogies; Heir To The Empire (Legends) and the two canon Thrawn trilogies; Thrawn and Ascendancy:

Spider-Dan and the Secret Bores

Spider Dan and the Secret Bores Logo

Welcome to Prattle World I am your writer the ever-amazing ever-spectacular Spider-Dan and in this article I write about all sorts of random stuff…

Disney Discussions is back this week! As we record MY choice this time Underrated Live-Action Disney Films. I’m concerned we’re going to run out of good animated films sooner or later, that’s why I suggested this. Also I think Disney’s live-action output is often forgotten or unfairly maligned. We’ll be covering Freaky Friday (2003) Sky High (2005) Holes (2003) & Bedknobs & Broomsticks (1971). Be sure to check it out when we drop latest collaboration… #Sploosh

Where to find me

You can find the podcast on your player of choice here or just listen to it via your browser

If you want to #JoinThePrattalion and to be briefed in full on the #SecretBores swing over to #PrattleWorld at

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