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09 August 2023
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Spider-Dan and the Secret Bores

Spider Dan and the Secret Bores Logo

Welcome to Prattle World I am your writer the ever-amazing ever-spectacular Spider-Dan and in this article I write about all sorts of random stuff…

Barbie has just made $1 Billion! I’ve still not seen it yet. But what I have seen is Greta Gerwig (now known to be a fellow ADHD sufferer.) But what I have seen her first film Lady Bird that podcast will come out this Friday! I’m very excited to share this wholesome & nourishing pod starring Alyson & Ria with you all. It’s one of my absolute favourites!

Where to find me

You can find the podcast on your player of choice here or just listen to it via your browser

If you want to #JoinThePrattalion and to be briefed in full on the #SecretBores swing over to #PrattleWorld at

Femme On Collective

Femme On Logo

This Femme on Film episode is BARBIE. The others are just Ken

Join Ria and Alyson in the latest episode of Femme on Film as they discuss Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie's Barbie! They share the impact the film had on them and how unusual it is to experience feminist joy on screen. Listen now.
Don't forget to check out Alyson's Fine Cut episode with Liz Santoro. They talk about the Joan is Awful episode of Black Mirror. Listen now.

Seth Singleton

Seth Singleton Logo

Christian Prosperie and I discuss the impossible horrors that wait for us in space.

Listen on Spotify

Mike Of Genuine Chit-Chat

Mike Of Genuine Chit Chat and Star Wars Comics in Canon Logo

For ep 204 of GCC David Curfiss of We Are Melomaniacs joins us! First, David explains why he started his podcast, and how music and mental health/trauma go hand-in-hand, before delving into his music journey through rock, metal, grunge and heavy metal. The duo then talk about streaming & physical media, David speaks about the writing process for his two books set in a post-apocalyptic world. David then speaks about his trauma in more depth, including his childhood, how he’s changed over the years and more – this is a fairly deep & intense conversation but one that is really important, especially for those suffering with mental health issues.

On ep 134 of Star Wars: Comics In Canon; WE GO BACK FURTHER THAN EVER BEFORE IN CANON TO FIND THE POWER TO CONTROL THE NAMELESS! The episode’s focus is the only one-shot in Phase 2 of The High Republic; Quest Of The Jedi! This comic delves into the origins of the Echo Stone, which leads into the Rods of Daybreak & Seasons. The story is set almost 500 years before the Skywalker Saga, with two new Jedi and some extra information about Azlin Rell.

A. R. Farina

A R Farina Logo

This week on Indie Comics Spotlight, Tony and JAC begin the long awaited Back to the Bibliography series where they go through Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips entire career, in chronological order.  First up. Sleeper: Season 1

Alyson Shelton

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This week, Alyson celebrated the 100th episode of 'Where I'm From'!
To find out more, head to her own newsletter update.

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