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26 July 2023
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A. R. Farina

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Tony and Heath finally return to Sin City this week on Indie Comics Spotlight. Is it good? Tune it to find out.

Seth Singleton

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A.R. Farina is a writer, colleague, and friend who just published his debut novel Welcome to Mansfield. It's the first book in the Jane Austen Chronicles series and a bold statement from an emerging author.

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Mike Of Genuine Chit-Chat

Mike Of Genuine Chit Chat and Star Wars Comics in Canon Logo

For ep 203 of GCC Mike is again joined by Matt, but this time they talk about Matt’s time hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, his new business and more! The discussion on Australia continues with food; how Australia has adopted food culture from both the UK & the USA and some snacks. The conversation then delves into Matt’s 3 month long hike in America with his friend Cody; Matt talks food, packing, sores, washing, hitchhiking and more. Towards the end, Matt talks about his new business Bust Builders, where he makes & sells concrete busts of controversial figures!

On ep 133 of Star Wars: Comics In Canon; THE JEDI’S GREATEST FEARS ARE REALISED WHEN THEY ARE TRAPPED WITH NAMELESS BEINGS, AS TOLD BY TY YORRICK! The episode’s focus is a story that crosses Phase 1 & 2 of The High Republic; The Nameless Terror! The main story takes place in phase 2 of THR, around the time of Cataclysm and the framing story shows the return of saber-for-hire/monster hunter Ty Yorrick! Tune in to hear who survives the encounter with these deadly beasts, plus Mike provides information about the Path Of The Open Hand, Acklay and more!

Spider-Dan and the Secret Bores

Spider Dan and the Secret Bores Logo

Welcome to Prattle World I am your writer the ever-amazing ever-spectacular Spider-Dan and in this article I write about all sorts of random stuff…

Top 5’s are making a comeback in September as I cover Worst Fictional Medical Professionals W/ Maff & British Revenge Films W/ Scott Weatherly. I enjoy a good Secret Bore Stories but I did get sick of them after awhile, much like I’m slowly getting sick of the Clone Bores. I’m a man of variety I try not to do one format more than another if I can avoid it but often that isn’t how it always shakes out.

Then roll on Shock-Phobia Fest…

Where to find me

You can find the podcast on your player of choice here or just listen to it via your browser

If you want to #JoinThePrattalion and to be briefed in full on the #SecretBores swing over to #PrattleWorld at

In The Press

Comixology Originals - Following the success of his debut comic book series Nostalgia, writer Scott Hoffman (aka Babydaddy of the multi-platinum selling band Scissor Sisters) tackles his next comic book series Wag, a neurodivergent futuristic adventure through a post-apocalyptic world. The news was announced at his panel: Music and Comics Collide, moderated by friend and fellow creator Phil Jimenez at Comic-Con International: San Diego today. Featuring captivating art by Juan Bobillo, letters by Steve Wands, with covers and design by Rian Hughes, Wag will be released monthly beginning with issue #1 (of 5) on September 5, 2023 from Amazon’s Comixology Originals exclusive digital content line.

Oni Press - Timed to Comic Con International in San Diego, Oni Press is proud to announce THE MAN FROM MAYBE #1 (of 3) – a 48-page, high potency dose of eye-searing, shoot-'em-up action on the high plains of our ruined planet from rising star Jordan Thomas (WEIRD WORK, XINO) and the infamous artistic savant known as Shaky Kane (WEIRD WORK, BULLETPROOF COFFIN)!

Den Of Geek - Oppenheimer: 11 More Movies to Watch About the Bomb and the Cold War

Get Your Comic On - Universal Pictures Drop New Trailer & Poster For MIGRATION

2000AD - Good Shepherd Working in Partnership With Rebellion to Create Games Based on the Iconic 2000 AD Universe

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