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12 July 2023

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Femme On Collective

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In the latest episode of Literature for Life, Jess and Ria discuss Philippa Perry's The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read. In this very personal episode, Ria discusses how Philippa Perry's book helped her examine her own childhood and actively think about what sort of parent she wants to be. Listen now.

Alyson and guest Meera Vijayann have a joyful, fascinating and insightful discussion in Fine Cut about the iconic scene in Titanic where Jack draws Rose. Meera dives deep into the experience of being a small town tween in India and the passionate reactions to Titanic and this scene. Listen now.

Mike Of Genuine Chit-Chat

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We hit the ground running with episode 201 of GCC, with an in-person recording with Jenna, to talk about her experience with breast cancer and how video games helped her get through it. In more detail, Jenna starts with her history of video games, before delving into her cancer story; when she found the lump, the diagnosis process, the treatment itself and what was going on in the world when this happened. Jenna explains what radio & chemo therapy feels like, the results of the treatment and her life following, including how video games helped her through isolation during the COVID lockdown.

On Star Wars: Comics In Canon; SAV MALAGÁN & MAZ KANATA GO AFTER A FORCE SENSITIVE GANG, BUT UNCOVER MORE THAN THEY EXPECT! For ep 132, Mike delves into Phase 2’s High Republic Adventures comics, where Sav Malagán sneaks off with the pirate queen Maz Kanata to chase down the Dank Graks – will the adventure prove too much for this young padawan? Also Mike gives information on the Scarlett Skulls, Kyuzo and more!

Mike also appeared on Star Wars Timeline to discuss Ahsoka throughout The Clone Wars, Rebels, Mandalorian and her upcoming appearance in her own show:

A. R. Farina

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Just a friendly reminder that Tony has a book that is out!

On Indie Comics Spotlight, due to bad calendar management on his part, Tony will be riding solo this week.

Also, Tony, Dave, and Max are back with special Guest Matthew B. Lloyd on Mandatory Music and CD

In The Press

Ahoy Comics - This July, writer Paul Cornell (Doctor Who), artist Marika Cresta (Doctor Aphra), and AHOY Comics will present a fantastic and funny satire of the comic book industry and its biggest conventions. CON & ON is a brand new five-part tragi-comedy which follows a fictional but all-too-familiar ensemble cast of pros and fans down through the decades of America’s most colossal comic book convention: the Vista Al Mar Comics Festival on the California coast. The series debuts on July 12, 2023, ahead of Comic-Con International.

Comixology Originals - Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque — the creative team behind the New York Times bestselling American Vampire — reunite for Duck and Cover, a post-apocalyptic adventure series with a historical twist.

With colors by Marcelo Maiolo and letters by Bernardo Brice, Duck and Cover #1 will be available July 11th from Amazon’s Comixology Originals exclusive digital content line, in conjunction with Best Jackett Press and Stout Club Entertainment.

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