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05 July 2023

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Steve J. Ray

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Book Review: DC Pride: The New Generation – Hardcover Collection

Dark Knight News

Batman: The Animated Series 3x10 - "Torch Song" REVIEW | I Am The Night #89

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Mike Of Genuine Chit-Chat

Mike Of Genuine Chit Chat and Star Wars Comics in Canon Logo

It’s Genuine Chit-Chat’s 200th episode! 200 episodes, 300 releases, 6 years of podcasting and 32 questions! To celebrate this incredibly milestone, Megan & Mike spend 2 hours answering listener questions as a thank you for the incredible journey they’ve been on so far (with hopefully many more years to come)! A massive thank you to all who sent in questions, M&M talk movies, raising Willow, how podcasting has changed their lives, top moments, biggest challenges, superpowers, books, song lyrics, droids and a bunch of other questions covering topics around podcasting and beyond!

On Star Wars: Comics In Canon; WHAT DID YODA DO BEFORE THE HIGH REPUBLIC AND HOW WAS HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH DOOKU BEFORE THE PHANTOM MENACE? For ep 131, Mike delves the first 6 issues, which contain 2 story arcs; the first set during the High Republic era where he goes to the planet Turrak to help Scalvi natives, while the second is set before The Phantom Menace, where Yoda asks Dooku to help train some initiates, but when a Wookiee has a vision about a Trandoshian initiate, tensions rise, especially with Yoda & Dooku’s conflicting views on such matters. Mike gives information on Dooku, Dagobah, Coruscant & more!

The VHS Strikes Back

VHS Strikes Back Logo

The show where we dust off the old video player, and go on a journey to look at the good and bad movies of yesteryear. 

Get ready for a wild ride on this week's episode as Chris and Dave dig into the legendary world of Quentin Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction" from 1994. Buckle up, because this one's a twisty, turny rollercoaster of laughs and getting caught watching at just the wrong moment!

The hosts are quick to praise Tarantino's mastery of storytelling that bounces around like a pinball machine. It's like they went through a time warp with the movie's non-linear narrative, and they're loving every second of it. The duo can't get enough of Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta and of course, Uma Thurman's Mia Wallace is a hit. And they're gushing over the legendary dance sequence with Mia and Vincent. The hosts can't resist talking about the mind-blowing soundtrack and they're both convinced the film wouldn't be the same without it.

With "Pulp Fiction" checked off their VHS movie list, Chris and Dave leave us eagerly anticipating their next review which is going back to the martial arts well.

Femme On Collective

Femme On Logo

In this wonderful episode of Active Activism, Tonya speaks with co-founder of DemocraShe, Sarah Jakle, about combating legacy voices, her inner best friends, her call to action moment, and her passion to empower young women to hold political office. Listen to the episode.

In the latest episode of Ria's questions, Ria asks the Collective the age old question: "Do you think that hedgehogs know they are spiky?". Listen to the episode and see what they say and join in the conversation.

A. R. Farina

A R Farina Logo

Just a friendly reminder that Tony has a book that is out!

On Indie Comics Spotlight, Tony rolls solo for one more show before he starts back up with a raft of summer guests.

Chris and Dave’s Reality TV Cast

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Ripping into all things reality

Love Island Uk: Week 5 Casa Amor!

We’ve seen a bit of churn with the islanders over the last few weeks but as the relationships start to settle down, it’s Casa Amor time! Chris and Dave are not convinced there isn’t some producer manipulation afoot with some predictions on how the script will go..

I Am Jacs Musings

I Am Jacs Musings Logo

Monday 10th July sees the return of Blake Byles to the show to discuss The Stath in The Bank Job. Last time he appeared, Blake rated The One a classic, so can this "based on a true story" heist drama steal The top spot again?

It's a busy week for Back to the Filmography as the next two episodes are also scheduled to be recorded. First on the docket is episode 19 with Tony Farina discussing Death Race, before Spider-Dan swings on by to complete the Transporter trilogy. We finish the franchise in style discussing part three live and in-person in a BttF first!

Lots to listen forward to so don't forget to #FollowtheFilmography as we witness the #Statholution.

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