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28 June 2023

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Pride Month

Pride month is an opportunity to celebrate and support LGBT+ families, friends, colleagues and communities but this support shouldn't just be for one month. LGBT+ folk face constant, and rising, intolerance and discrimination. Everyone in this world deserves equity and equality. Let's continue to support LGBT+ artists and creatives and positively work towards a better world.
Here's a couple of LGBT+ creatives to follow and support. Thanks to Seth Singleton for sharing the work of these amazing people.

Kayden Phoenix is the creator of A LA BRAVA comic universe - the first Latina superhero team in comic history. Find out more and listen to Seth's conversation with Kayden.

Kameron White is a trans artist who last year joined The Milestone Initiative which is a collaboration between DC Comics and Milestone Comics to train the next generation of diverse comics book writers and artists. Listen to Seth's conversation with Kameron.

And I (Ria!) would like to share some amazing LGBT+ children's books that we love in our house. Books that celebrate and normalise diversity are hugely important. Diverse books help make people more compassionate and are a powerful tool in making sure that everyone feels seen and understood and reflect the true society that we live in. Now, more than ever, it is important that children, young people AND adults can access positive representations of everyone within this big, wonderful world. So, here goes:

Grandad's Camper is a wonderful story about love, family and memories. Its sequel, Grandad's Pride, is a celebration of the LGBTQIA+ community and its power and importance. 

The Pirate Mums celebrates families who are a little bit different (because they are pirates!) and always has us laughing. Watch Sue Perkins read The Pirate Mums for Cbeebies bedtime stories

We are a little bit late for MerMay but there are two wonderful children's books that celebrate LGBT+ folk and our awesome ancestors from under the sea. Julian is a Mermaid is a joyful book about Julian and his Abuela and being seen and loved for who we truly are. Nen and the Lonely Fisherman is a modern retelling of the little mermaid and is all about hope and love.



A. R. Farina

A R Farina Logo

Just a friendly reminder that Tony has a book that is out!

On Indie Comics Spotlight, Tony does a hidden gem called Heavy Vinyl about women in an underground record store Fight Club who solve crimes!

Mike Of Genuine Chit-Chat

Mike Of Genuine Chit Chat and Star Wars Comics in Canon Logo

As we get ready for the upcoming Ahsoka series, our trio of rebels (Dave, Maff & Mike) have continued with their review of Star Wars: Rebels and this episode is season 2! This is Maff’s first time watching too, so hearing his reactions is very interesting!

In more detail, this episode is a sequel to the first season of Rebels and the trio’s first RR episode, so make sure you go back and listen to that if you haven’t already, but in this episode, they discuss how season 2 feels different from season 1, it’s comparisons to Andor and the best & worst parts of the show (including sound design). Maff then notes how he’s been consuming far more Star Wars content than he expected, Dave talks about The Clone Wars and then they discuss Hondo Ohnaka and the purrgils. The trio then delve into Ahsoka’s character and of course, the finale; Twilight Of The Apprentice!


Femme On Collective

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Celebrate Ada's birthday with a special bonus Poetry Theatre episode. June is Ada's birthday month and she shares some of her beautiful and powerful poetry to celebrate. She also urges us to find out more about Abolition Week, so let's give Ada the perfect birthday present and educate ourselves. Listen to the episode now.

In Femme on Creatives, Jess talks with author Cathleen Davies about her identity as a writer, her advice as a creative writing lecturer and her memoir And, Marvel. We follow the heartbreaking timeline from the death of DC, Cathleen’s former partner, to her time in the Basque Country writing her memoir, what it was like to write the book and how it came to be published. Just a quick note, this episode includes quite a few references to suicide and mental illness. Listen now.

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