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1 November 2023
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Matt B. Lloyd

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New episodes of Earth-Two in the Bronze Age drop on October 31st and November 21st. The next episode of Classic Comics will air on November 13 featuring an overview of recent Facsimile Editions of classic comics. Christmas Episode is in the works as we officially dip our toe into the Bronze Age with a story that also fits with Earth-Two in the Bronze Age.

Femme On Collective

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Listen to a very special Halloween edition of Femme on Creatives with Dr. Fox Henry Frazier (poet, essayist and owner of the indie publisher, Agape Editions). Fox and Alyson talk about the appeal and power of horror stories and Fox reads from her vampire novel in progress, A Terrible Beauty is Born (inspired by a line from William Butler Yeats’s poem Easter, 1916). She talks about her motivation for writing this book and the story behind it and it’s truly compelling. Come engage with the beautifully spooky right now with Alyson and Fox, you won’t regret it. Listen now.

Revisit a Femme on Film classic! In a special edition of Femme on Film, Ria, Alyson and Tonya discuss sex in the movies. In 'Hearts and Vaginas' they get together to discuss six unique sex scenes from films and why they have chosen them. This episode was first published on Comics in Motion on 10 July 2022. Listen now

Mike Of Genuine Chit-Chat

Mike Of Genuine Chit Chat and Star Wars Comics in Canon Logo

This week on Genuine Chit-Chat continues brings the existential conversation with Thomas Rochester, talking about the concept of the soul & God, before & after death, prophetic dreams and so much more! This week is part 2; Mike & Thomas delve into prophetic dreams, talking about their experiences, discuss past memories and alternate perspectives. Thomas then talks about communicating with one’s soul and how our physical forms limit certain knowledge which leads into a few of Thomas’ anecdotes. As their conversation draws to a close, the duo discuss how science & spirituality can work together, vibrations and more – this podcast is definitely for the deep/philosophical thinkers among you!
On Star Wars: Comics In Canon; HOW DID LUKE OBTAIN HIS GREEN LIGHTSABER CRYSTAL? For ep 140, Mike continues with the 2020 run of main Star Wars comics, where we find out how Luke obtained his iconic green kyber crystal and learn more about kyber crystals & purification along the way, all while Leia plans for a group of rebels, including Lando & Chewie, to attack a very specific location on the surface of Imperial centre, on Coruscant! Plus Mike talks about the planets of Ilum & Christophsis, the Fallanassi and more!

In The Press

Get Your Comic On - Peter and MJ Reunite in Covers for January’s ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #1

Clover Press - Béla Lugosi was more than just an actor; he was a cultural icon and a legend of the silver screen whose commanding presence, hypnotic voice, and mesmerizing gaze made him the embodiment of Count Dracula. Now acclaimed journalist and Lugosi expert Robert Cremer has written BÉLA LUGOSI: THE MAN BEHIND THE CAPE, a comprehensive and essential biography that features over 700 photographs, including many rare or never-before-seen family photos, letters, documents and historical artifacts curated by Lynne Lugosi Sparks of the Lugosi Family Archives, many of which have never before been published. The book, which is being crowdfunded on Kickstarter by Clover Press, also features an all-new foreword by Béla Lugosi, Jr. and an afterword by noted Lugosi historian Dr. Gary Rhodes.

Kotaku - PS5 Slim Disc Drive Comes With Bizarre Online Requirements

The Verge - X launches two new subscriptions to boost your replies

Den Of Geek - RoboCop: Rogue City Is The Kind of Flawed Masterpiece Gaming Could Use More Of - Marvel Teases the Identity of the New Sentry

The Verge - Every trick Microsoft pulled to make you browse Edge instead of Chrome

The Verge - Google paid a whopping $26.3 billion in 2021 to be the default search engine everywhere

Get Your Comic OnHere’s Everything Coming to ARROW in November 2023

ComicBook.comGeorge Clooney's Batman Costume Headed to Auction

The Verge - Xbox is making it easier to play keyboard-focused games on a controller - DC's Aquaman 2 Prequel Comic Reveals Justice League Cameos

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