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25 October 2023
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The VHS Strikes Back

VHS Strikes Back Logo

The show where we dust off the old video player, and go on a journey to look at the good and bad movies of yesteryear. 

Jeepers Creepers (2001) - Dave keeps with the Halloween theme and picks a horror classic from 2001. A brother and sister embark on a road trip that ends in seeing a creepy man dispose of something resembling a body. Their intrigue leads to pure horror and cements this as a cult classic. With a theme tune everyone remembers.

Femme On Collective

Femme On Logo

Femme On Creatives: Alyson sits down with the “And I Thought Ladies” Wilnona and Jade to talk about how they started writing, at age seven! And what keeps them going. The simple answer is: each other. Their partnership is a powerful testament to friendship and how essential it is to have support and community in a creative life. They also talk about Wilnona and Jade’s newest book, a murder mystery written in poetry. It’s a fun and inspiring conversation. Listen now

RAINBOWS! Who doesn't love rainbows? In this month's Ria's Questions, the Collective answer 'In the olden times, before science, what do think people thought rainbows were?'. Listen and join in the conversation.

Chris and Dave’s Reality TV Cast

Chris And Daves Reality Cast Logo

Ripping into all things reality

Married At First Sight UK - we are halfway through the latest experiment and the drama is in full effect. From secret rendezvous between married couples to squats for cash scandals. This trash Reality Tv is exactly why Chris & Dave this show.

Mike Of Genuine Chit-Chat

Mike Of Genuine Chit Chat and Star Wars Comics in Canon Logo

This week on Genuine Chit-Chat brings a deep, existential conversation with actor, podcaster and deep-thinker; Thomas Rochester, talking about the concept of the soul & God, before & after death, prophetic dreams and so much more! This week brings part 1 of the conversation (part 2 is already available for all Patreon supporters), where Mike & Thomas begin by loosely explaining their theories on life and their respective relationships with religion, before delving deep into existentialism, self-care, the idea that we are all God (& if such a being exists) and Thomas talks about some literature that delves into these sorts of concepts. The duo also discuss meditation, anchor points and more!
On Star Wars: Comics In Canon; YODA MUST MAKE PEACE WITH HIS PAST AND RE-ENTER THE DARK SIDE CAVE! For ep 139, Mike continues with the Yoda series by delving into the second half. We get another flashback, this time from the Clone Wars with Anakin and Yoda then argues with a ghostly voice about entering the “Cave of Evil” on Dagobah. Mike also gives information on General Grievous, as well as other familiar faces that pop up in these comics!

In The Press

Orlok Press - "Bram Stoker’s classic novel Dracula introduced arguably the most famous character in horror literature, but the seminal story leaves much of the Count’s rich history and persona to the imagination. Now legendary GRENDEL creator Matt Wagner and superstar comic book artist Kelley Jones (BATMAN & DRACULA: RED RAIN, SANDMAN: SEASON OF MISTS) are revealing the secret history of Dracula in a series of all-new, 100+page graphic novels. Beginning with DRACULA—BOOK 1: THE IMPALER, this series of books will fill in these tantalizing gaps to provide a terrifying portrait of Vlad Dracula. For their first ever major collaboration, Wagner and Jones are launching a Kickstarter campaign with their brand-new company, Orlok Press."

Get Your Comic On - EMPIRE V (2023) Review

Rock Paper Shotgun - Meet the men hiding their FIFA Ultimate Team addiction from their families

The Verge - Amazon plans to deploy delivery drones in the UK and Italy next year

VG247 - Scott Pilgrim's 20th anniversary set is a great ode to 2000s design - Marvel Reveals New Captain America Costume for Avengers: Twilight

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