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11 October 2023
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Seth Singleton

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Spellcasters - Major League Magic
Available for free, now on Amazon and Apple Books

Mike Of Genuine Chit-Chat

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This week on GCC is a special where Mike & Megan drove up to Manchester and decided to talk about Spooky Season with why Megan likes watching horror films in October, some of their favourites (discussing Saw, Halloween, Scream & more), their trip to Manchester and more!
As Ahsoka is now over, check out every episode of the weekly discussion shows; found on the podcast feed of Comics In Motion and video versions on YouTube; &
On Star Wars: Comics In Canon; A JEDI FALLS INTO THE DARKNESS, BUT WHAT DOES THE INQUISITORIUS HOLD IN STORE FOR HER? This ep is another canon book review, but this one takes place from Attack Of The Clones through The Clone Wars and into years after Order 66, following Iskat Akaris’ journey from Jedi Padawan to The Thirteenth Sister (an inquisitor) and the many situations she finds herself in along the way, including searching for other members of her mysterious species.

Steve J. Ray

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Review: Batman and The Joker Flip Pops

Dark Knight News

Book Review: Batman the Multiverse of the Dark Knight – An Illustrated Guide

Dark Knight News

In The Press

Rock Paper Shotgun - Wolf Among Us dev calls on industry to "UNIONIZE" amid fresh Telltale layoffs

Irodori Comics - is launching a Kickstarter campaign for a box set featuring four seminal stories by Isaki Uta, the mangaka and creator of the acclaimed manga Is Love The Answer? which was published in the US by Kodansha. Isaki Uta is known for their comics centered about characters navigating their experiences and relationship with their gender and sexual identities. The Kickstarter for the box set Isaki Uta: The Lost & Found Collection, featuring four of their most acclaimed stories, is now live. - IDW Hires Aub Driver as New Director of Marketing

Titan Books - Rediscover your kitchen with STAR WARS: THE ULTIMATE COOKBOOK!

Get Your Comic On - THE EXORCIST: BELIEVER (2023) Review

Den Of Geek - The BBC is giving us all classic Doctor Who, plus spin-offs like The Sarah Jane Adventures and Doctor Who Confidential, as part of the 60th anniversary celebrations. - Star Wars Comics Reveal Upcoming Life Day Covers

Rock Paper Shotgun - Commandos: Origins looks to revive the classic stealth-tactics series in 2024

The Verge - Rooster Teeth pulls Red vs. Blue and other shows from YouTube - New Disney What If? Variant Covers Celebrate Avengers and X-Men's 60th Anniversaries

Den Of Geek - Loki Season 2 Challenges the Anti-Hero’s Redemption Story in More Ways Than One

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