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August 2023 Newsletter

Thank you, Illinois Valley. Your support of IVCanDO ensures the success of our work!

We are feeling the love! We just celebrated Cans for Kid's 5th (!!!) Anniversary. If you aren't familiar with Cans for Kids, it's our weekly recyclables donation station for clean, not crushed cans and bottles that directly benefit local youth-focused organizations. Each week, a different organization benefits - and can you believe that we have captured nearly $150,000 for our community through this program?! WOW! You can find us behind Caves Chevron every Saturday from 10am to 1:45pm to drop off your recyclables. 

*Check out the upcoming schedule at the bottom of this email!

IVCanDO Updates

This month, our team and Board of Directors have been looking into what's upcoming for IVCanDO and the Illinois Valley. We want to connect with more partners, engage more of our community in opportunities to support and shape our future, and consider ways to improve our own processes, procedures, and the way we show up in our community.

Here's what's on our mind:

  • Gearing up for the 2025 Illinois Valley Community Vision and Strategic Plan. We are excited to invite community members to join us for the planning and creation of this document that outlines the long-term vision, values, aspirations, and priorities for the Illinois Valley Community.
    If you are interested in being a part of this upcoming discussion
    , click here to add yourself to the list.
    If you'd like to read the Illinois Valley 20/20 Community Vision and Strategic Plan 2016-2020
    , you can find that document here.
  • Leveraging our connection and contacts within our community to bring beneficial services and programs to the Illinois Valley. The word is getting out: We really KNOW the Illinois Valley! We are excited to seek opportunities to partner with other groups and organizations that want to reach the people of the Illinois Valley. Feedback that we've gotten from recent contracts have been incredible. Not only have we met the needs of our partners, but according to the All In for Health Collective, (and we quote) "... this work could not have happened without you"
  • Thinking about how our internal processes can be improved, streamlined, and more accessible. With the support and feedback of our Board of Directors, we have been able to improve some of our internal processes to be more efficient. This allows us all to do more "feet on the ground" work than be stuck behind a desk - a win-win for everyone!

Supporters of our work - supporters like YOU - allow us to thrive. Each month we acquire new supporters pledging monthly support to IVCanDO. These monthly pledges allow us to DREAM BIG to meet our goals by providing a way to meet the demands of a growing nonprofit. 

For our donors - Your support is paramount, and deeply appreciated! Whether you have given a gift of money, a donation of time by volunteering, participating in our events, or simply spreading the word about our programs - thank you for your support. It's hard to find adequate words to describe how grateful we are for your trust in us.

If you are interested in becoming a supporter of IVCanDO - the BEST and most impactful way is to pledge a monthly donation and becoming a monthly sustaining supporter of our work. 

Can you pledge $5 or $10 a month and become a sustaining supporter of IVCanDO?

IVCanDO Program Updates

Revolving Loan Fund

The IVCanDO Small Business Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) is currently accepting applications from local small businesses. The RLF offers attractive loan terms and allows small business owners to access funds without having to navigate the headaches of borrowing money through a traditional bank. Loans up to $25,000 are available. 

Visit or contact Joy Lark at [email protected] or (541) 415-1519 for more information.

Community Outreach

The Foster Grandparents Program is coming to the Illinois Valley! IVCanDO is partnering with the Community Volunteer Network to bring this popular program to our area. Foster Grandparent volunteers are low-income older adults
(age 55+) that tutor and mentor children in local schools and
community non-profit settings. Volunteers have the
opportunity to make lifelong, positive impacts in the lives of
children. Volunteers receive mileage reimbursement, meals during volunteer shifts, a non-taxable hourly stipend, and educational opportunities.

If you are interested in becoming a foster grandparent, please contact Anna at (541) 625-9351 or [email protected].

Community Capacity

Congrats I.V. HOPE Village!

IVCanDO was able to present I.V. HOPE Village, a housing development helping address the effects of homelessness in our community, with $5,000 from our last round of COVID-19 ARPA Fund distributions. 

We are proud to be supporters of this innovative and compassionate project! You can learn more about this project at the IV Living Solutions website.

Energy Trust of Oregon Partnership

Illinois Valley Community Development Center (IVCanDO) and Energy Trust of Oregon are partnering together to help residents of the Illinois Valley save on their energy bill.Through this partnership, IVCanDO now offers free home energy assessments for qualifying customers of Pacific Power and Avista, with the potential to receive incentives for energy efficient upgrades.

"What can I expect during an energy assessment?"

  • Joy Lark, our friendly Project Manager, will meet you at your home and spend 30-60 minutes to take a look around. 
  • Energy Trust is currently focusing their incentives around heating systems and insulation. When Joy is completing the assessment, she will need access available to attic space and under house crawl spaces to measure the insulation levels in both areas.Additional areas that Joy will look at are water heaters and windows. 
  • Once the assessment is done, Joy will let you know what kind of upgrade incentives you may be eligible for and will let you know what to expect going forward! Any customer of Pacific Power is eligible for a free home energy assessment.

For more information or to see if you qualify, call 541-415-1519 or email [email protected].

2023 Concerts in the Park

Join the Illinois Valley Chamber of Commerce at Jubilee Park for the 2023 Concerts in the Park each Thursday!

Cans for Kids Schedule

Cans for Kids is a bottle and can donation station that happens each Saturday from 10am to 1:45pm behind Caves Chevron, with proceeds benefiting local youth programs. 

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