What is the PS17 Wellness Council?

A School Wellness Council is a group of parents, students, school staff, and community members who work together and with the school administration to promote a healthy school community. Your Council is a subcommittee of the school's PTA and has been in existence since 2018.

We meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7pm via Zoom. Please reach out to us at [email protected] for a calendar invite and Zoom link.

To learn more about the goals and recommendations of the NYC DOE for Wellness Councils in schools, visit this page.


Food Scrap Drop Off

Every Friday the building is open, FSDO runs from 2-3pm. 

Food scraps account for approximately 17% of all materials disposed of in NYC. Together with neighborhood organics collection, these efforts turn a sizable chunk of waste into a valuable and useful product.  

As a zero waste school we feel this partnership highlights for students the connection between our actions at home, the garden and climate change.

We accept:

Fruit and vegetable scraps, non-greasy food scraps (rice, pasta, bread, grains, cereal), coffee grounds & filters, tea bags, egg shells & nut shells, stale beans, flours, spices, cut flowers & houseplants, potting soil

We do NOT accept:

Meat, fish, bones, dairy, fat, oil, greasy food scraps, animal waste, animal bedding, charcoal, insect-infested plants, plastics, twist ties, rubber bands, metal, glass

Flamenco Vivo Residency

We're bringing the power of Flamenco to PS17 students! Residencies begin with an interactive performance by the professional company for the entire school to enjoy, followed by a series of in-depth classes that culminate with a student performance!

Be sure to see a performance of our 1st grade students at our Earth Day celebration in April.

This program aligns with BluePrint and Common Core Standards in Dance, Language Arts, History, and Social Science. Our programs are tailored to your students, with targeted services for Multilingual Learners and Students with Disabilities.

Connected Chef -Lifeline Grocery

Please consider signing up for Connected Chef, a weekly (or bi-weekly) high-quality and local grocery service that can either be picked up at PS17 or delivered to your home (for a small additional fee).

When we have 20 subscribers, 5 members of our school community will receive a no-cost box.

The nutrient-dense groceries that The Connected Chef distributes comes 80% from local farms and distributors in the NY, NJ, PA area. We believe that reconnecting with where our food comes from is the first step towards food sovereignty for all communities.

If you have any questions please contact our Connected Chef school coordinator Liz Alvarez, [email protected]

 To sign up for the waiting list for a no cost box, visit this link.

Awards, Events, and Funded Projects

Since 2018:

  • Water Bottle Refill Station
  • Rock Climber in Courtyard
  • After School Garden Club
  • Classes for students in Capoeira, Hip Hop Dance, 
  • Plant Based Cooking, Yoga and Mindfulness
  • Professional Development for Teachers
  • Garden Shed
  • Indoor Plant Stand
  • Plant Workshops with QBG
  • Garden Irrigation System
  • Environmental Science Materials
  • Basketball Backboard and Hoop
  • Sports Equipment
  • Flamenco Internship
  • Earth Day Festival 2022-23
  • Health and Nutrition Books   
  • Curriculum for Classes and Library