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September, oh, glorious September

Yes, I'm glad September is here. Know why? Because the temperatures start lowering, which means cooler evenings during which I can sit outside next to a crackling fire and make s'mores with the kids without feeling like I'm in a frying pan full of boiling oil over higher-than-high heat.

The older kids have been in school for a month now, and that's done WONDERS for my writing. I've gotten 4 chapters of Long Time Gone written, caught up chores around the house, AND done some cross-stitching! I'd say that's a win. 

If you haven't seen my Instagram, you'll not know that Long Time Gone has officially crossed the 60,000-words mark. It's sitting pretty at 62,000 words, and I'm hoping I can continue on this roll because, as it turns out, I like those numbers

In other news, my next project is underway! I've done the research (or as much as I can think I'll need—I'm sure I'll do more while writing), I've mapped out the plot, I've created the characters. All I need to do now is... y'know, actually write the thing. I can't wait to tell you all about it!

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Black and Deep Desires by Claire Trella Hill

Letters from the Heart by S.L. Sterling

A Perfect Mess by Zoe Dawson

Wrangled by Love by Paris Wynters

The Truth about Love by Maisie Myers

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This month's Music Corner is Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy.

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