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Welcome to another month!

August is a very hectic month for us. Between back-to-school shopping, back-to-school signups, back-to-school doctor appointments, and middlest's birthday, there's never a shortage of chaos. I wouldn't change a thing about it.

I'm honestly glad they're going back to school next week. They get socialization with their peers, and I get (relative) peace and quiet. It's a win-win. Maybe then I can actually get some more writing done without having to say "Stop fighting with your sibling" twenty million times a day. A gal can dream, right?

It's been so hot here lately. We've had real-feels of 106 degrees! 106! That's too much for me! Unfortunately, the heat and humidity has put a stop to our family walks. Hopefully, we can start them up again soon! I miss walking.

Speaking of writing, I have a tentative release date—well, month. I'm hoping to release it January 2024. I will absolutely share more details as soon as I plan this out a bit better.

Now I suppose I should be off to write (and watch some Bluey with the baby—and older kids, because apparently they really like the show, too!)

Blind Love by Shannon Heighton Hicks

Home to the Wild by Francesca McMahon

Way of the Wild by Francesca McMahon

Music Corner

This month's Music Corner is Sweet Creature by Harry Styles.

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