I was talking to a friend this past week about different usability issues, and a question arose: should you force links on your site to open in a new tab?

She asked the question by saying, "I know it's considered best practice to open outbound links to other sites in new tabs."

I smiled and asked who this 'best practice' is best for.

For sure, it's best for the website creator. The one too afraid to let visitors go – or decide for themselves.

It might be best for some users – for example, older demographics not familiar with using 'Cmd + Click' to open links in new tabs. Or maybe for some differently-abled users, using the keyboard and clicking the mouse might be difficult.

But if you're thinking about most visitors, giving the user the freedom to decide would be considered 'best practice.' Best for the visitors themselves.

It's a simple example but an illustration of an important question.

When you're considering 'best practices,' whose point of view are you using to define what's best? Do you even know what your audiences would believe is best?

So go out, talk to the users, and find out what's 'best practice' for everyone involved. Even if that doesn't change your decision, having the full info will help you make better decisions.

This goes for everything – usability, terms of service, product packaging, marketing messaging, and so much more.

Ask away,

⭐️ P.S. When did you last see a 'best practice' that hurts users in the real world? Tell me about it!

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whole and cut pieces of fruit, symbolizing content repurposing

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whole and cut pieces of fruit, symbolizing content repurposing

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  • Weekly cat – they can work with technology now...

Just some interesting things to read, hope you enjoyed them!

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