My goal today is to write a better newsletter than the one I sent a year ago.

As content creators, we've been lied to. We've been made to believe that talent is all you need to create something good. You either have that magic ingredient, or you don't.

That's wholly untrue.

It's not magic. It's effort.

Brilliant writers like Neil Gaiman know they must treat writing like a 9-to-5 job rather than wait for a muse. When it comes time for him to write, he sits at his desk. He can either write or do nothing. But he's not allowed to do anything else. This is the time allocated for writing.

And when you're in marketing, talent has really nothing to do with anything.

You'll never create a fantastic piece of content because the muse came by. But if you create content for 30 days in a row, the content you create on day 31 will be better than the piece you created on your first day.

Keeping up is the biggest strength you can develop. Tenacity. Consistency. Persistence.

Maybe you've set a New Year's resolution to start blogging, recording videos, or launching a TikTok account. Do it. Don't do it perfectly. Just do it today and then do it tomorrow.

Staying consistent is the strongest predictor of success.

Last year, I wrote 44 newsletters — five more than in 2021. My goal now is to write 50 newsletters in 2023. Not to tick off a box but because quality comes with consistency.

What will be your goal?

Keep up with keeping up,

✅ P.S. What is your biggest goal for 2023? I'd love to hear it – just drop me a line!

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New Year’s Resolutions And How I Manage To Keep Them [Updated for 2023]

It’s hard to make a promise and stick to it for a full 12 months. I’ll be the first to confess some are easier than others. But keeping those promises is mainly affected by two things. One is sheer willpower, and the other is a good process. And the latter is something I’ve researched a TON!

In this blog post (refreshed for 2023), you will see my top-to-bottom process for goal-setting and keeping track of these goals. There's even a handy Trello template if you need a place to start.


whole and cut pieces of fruit, symbolizing content repurposing

Next-Level Marketing: Skills for Success in 2023
If you're building up your personal development map for 2023, you shouldn't miss this free workshop. In it, we'll discuss how to future-proof your marketing for business and career success. We'll also focus on the fundamental skills that, while not new and shiny, form the core of your marketing know-how.

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The special holiday price for my 'Strategic Content and Messaging' course ends on Friday eve. If it's been on your radar, but you needed to wait for the 2023 L&D budget to kick in, now is the time to get it with a discount. We're also kicking off the group training sessions soon, so you're right on time.


whole and cut pieces of fruit, symbolizing content repurposing

2022 Podcast Trends Report
According to Spotify, in 2022, podcasting reached new audiences in terms of geographies and age groups. As the medium expands its reach, brands are noticing. While tech and CPG brands have been active advertisers for a while now, B2B, Travel & Leisure, and Medical & Pharma companies are hopping on the podcast ads bandwagon, too.

The Elusive ROI of Content Marketing
Measuring content success ranges from tricky to damn near impossible. According to the founder of SEO software Ahrefs Tim Soulo, it's more about using common sense than relying on metrics-driven attribution. He also shares a warning: if you're only focusing on the stats, you'll lose sight of the indirect ROI of content marketing.

The Perfect Social Media Style Guide for Your Brand in 2023
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Why Marketers, Creators, and Brands Should Start Using Mastodon ASAP
We have yet to determine if Mastodon will be the Twitter-killer it's hailed to be. But the audience is growing, and engagement is soaring. So Rand Fishkin is presenting his version of Pascal's Wager – you won't lose much if you start on Mastodon and the potential upside is significant.


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The city of Québec builds content for an audience of 1

After two seasons, the cult HBO show 'White Lotus' has proven it can increase interest in tourist destinations. So as Season 3 goes in the works, Québec decided it needed to push the odds in its favor. The city's tourist board created a press package designed for Mike White, the show's creator. "The idea was to create a bid package, like major cities do for the Olympics, but for the next season of this hit HBO series," says the team.

It's a curious way to draw attention – not just from the 'White Lotus' team, but from the press that is now reporting on the story.


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