But wait!

What if you had a simple process to follow?  One that would walk you through creating the ideal structure for your thesis, from identifying your topic to preparing for completion, using an easy-to-follow process and easily digestible worksheets and templates?

What if you could work through that process with the guidance of an experienced and approachable supervisor and mentor, in a couple of hours a day for a week?

How would that feel?

Amazing, right?  Can you feel your shoulders relax as you think about it?  Imagine the sense of calm when you know exactly how to structure your own thesis, from introduction to conclusion.  When you have a sure-fire plan to follow which will move you forward.  When you know exactly what you need to write next to keep your doctorate moving toward completion.

Imagine - if you could make the best use of every single moment you have to work on your doctorate - because you always knew the next thing to work on.

Imagine - if you had total clarity on what your whole thesis should look like - how much confidence would you gain from that? How would it feel to know where everything should go and what to do with all the 'bits' you currently have?

Imagine - having the roadmap in front of you, instead of feeling that you are going round in circles, or being caught in a maze with no idea where the exit is.

This brand-new course teaches you an innovative method to use what works in your field to create clarity for your own thesis in 4 simple steps. Simplify your trajectory so that you can quickly move forward towards completion with no frustration.

From Stressed to Submitted will help you to:

- Understand the structure of a good thesis in your field

- Use other people's success to springboard your progress

- Build your confidence by making a clear plan

- Nail your next steps with easy-to-implement strategies

- Identify your own clear and straightforward roadmap to completion

From Stressed to Submitted is delivered online, so you can work through it at your own pace.  Four modules - each less than 20 minutes long, but bursting at the seams with sanity-saving help - will take you, well, from stressed to preparing for submission.

No ... I'm not promising you'll be finished in a weekend. Sorry!  But you will know what you have to do to get there.  We'll demystify the journey and equip you with templates, workbooks and exercises to complement the support you get from your university.

How will you feel when you know what to do, step by step?

  • Will you sleep well again?
  • Will you be looking forward to the next promotion, instead of dreading every day at work?
  • Will you be planning that hobby you're desperate to get back to?

Run, don't walk to grab this life-changing, complete guide to creating your thesis without the stress for only £197!

Accelerate your progress - imagine what you'll do with the time you'll save from not going down endless rabbit-holes of 'let's just try this'.  You could be finished months earlier!

Wait ... who even are you?

Hey, I'm Dr Gina Holmes!

I'm the doctoral mentor for busy women who want to get their Doctorate and keep their sanity intact.

Over more than two decades in Higher Education, I have worked with dozens of doctoral candidates and hundreds (maybe more) of Master's students, supporting them to complete theses they are proud of and which enable them to move on in their careers.

My own journey through my PhD was long, stressful and - frankly - pretty unpleasant.  Now I'm on a mission to help other women achieve their doctoral goals without the unpleasantness.

I have created this simple, low-stress system to help more women make progress fast with their thesis whilst juggling all the balls in their lives.

I'm mum to two little people, wife to Ben and when I'm not working, you'll find me walking the dog or standing poolside or on the touchline.