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This past month I've been feeling a powerful call to source a brilliant future for the world. I've been writing numerous posts on this, hosting a webinar on future innovation and was just interviewed by the wonderful Adria Firestone on being a future innovator. Click the YouTube video below to watch this exciting conversation ...

I believe that we can quantum leap into a whole new version of ourselves, one that is super connected with all life, with new super powers that amaze!

I believe we can innovate the consciousness of the world to quantum leap like never before!

I believe that the art of sourcing life in high vibrational frequency changes everything and opens up possibilities we may never have considered before.

In the video above I talk about shifting our gaze to look in the realm of possibility for our response to the circumstances of life, shifting our reactions to the stuff of life into opportunities to use our super powers, including some new ones that are now emerging.

I believe there are exciting new ways in which we can all contribute to sourcing a brilliant future for the whole world ... and together we can source amazing breakthroughs in every area of life. 

The Art of Sourcing

At the end of August we're hosting our next in-person course called The Art of Sourcing. It's about unleashing your super powers & energetic mastery as well as enhancing your ability to source a brilliant life & world. See the testimonial below from one of our 'Source Leadership' course participants on the art of sourcing.

If the end of August timing doesn't work for you, take a look at our other in-person options here in Avalon where wonder abounds.

Soleira & Santari Green

Wells, Somerset, UK

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