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Date: August 10, 2023

Dear Preca College Alumni,

We are thrilled to announce that after many years of informal discussions, meetings, and life challenges, we are finally taking concrete steps toward forming the Preca College Alumni Association and sharing our first newsletter with you all. 

This newsletter showcases the association’s mission, vision along with information on how you can contribute to the creation of our alumni database.  We are also excited to announce the upcoming 30-year anniversary celebrations of Preca College, where we will showcase the achievements and memories of our alumni.  Additionally, we are excited to unveil a special event: an in-person alumni meet-up, a chance to reconnect with the fellow alumni and celebrate the unique experience we shared.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to join our community and be part of our exciting journey! 


Preca College Alumni Board

Mission and Vision

The Preca College Alumni Association’s mission is to establish connections between Preca Alumni, Preca College, and Preca Students, while enhancing the college’s reputation and supporting students in their academic, professional and extracurricular endeavors.

The association aims to facilitate communication through virtual and in-person events, networking, idea sharing, mentorship and leadership initiatives. Furthermore it seeks to promote initiatives that contribute to the Albanian community with a particular emphasis on the city of Korca.

Above all, the association endeavors to foster a culture of giving back, pride and philanthropy among alumni and students, serving as an inspiration and beacon of hope for the Albanian community both at home and abroad. Please check our website for the full version of the “Mission and Vision” statement.

Calling All Preca Alumni!

Kindly express your interest by filling out the "Show of Interest Form" provided below. Initially, our main focus is to establish a comprehensive database and forum for alumni to connect, exchange ideas, and explore opportunities with the school, current students, and fellow graduates. As our association grows, it will develop into an invaluable lifelong networking resource, providing unique benefits to alumni and the Korca community. We sincerely appreciate your help in sharing the link with other Preca graduates. Your support is vital in creating a robust and thriving Preca College Alumni Association. Thank you!

Preca College is turning 30 this September!

Preca College with a long and rich history, is seeking alumni stories to be featured during their 30 anniversary celebration on September 30. We invite former students to share their experiences, memories and achievements through a short video submission 2-5 min in length. Please highlight your graduation year, how Preca College education has impacted your personal and professional development and what you wish for the school and its current students. 

Help us capture the essence of Preca College’s legacy and showcase the diverse journeys, challenges and successes of our esteemed alumni in a compelling visual format.

First In-Person Alumni Meet Up!

Mark up your calendars for our first in person alumni meet-up happening this late September in Korca, Albania. Reconnect with old friends, forge new connections and reminisce about our shared experiences at Preca College. Join us for a memorable event filled with laughter, networking opportunities and a chance to celebrate. Don’t miss this special gathering!

Join the LinkedIn Preca Alumni Group!

Attention Preca Alumni: Please join the LinkedIn Preca Alumni Group. This is a member only group for Preca College Alumni Association members; providing a platform to share latest alumni news, foster collaborations, enhance networking opportunities and facilitate exchange of ideas. 

Preca College

Alumni Association

Rruga Pandeli Vangjeli 

Lagjia 10, Korca, Albania

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