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Right before the summer vacations, we are excited to welcome you to the first issue of our bi-annual newsletters! Twice a year we will send you updates about the progress and developments of the project, highlights and important announcements. Our first newsletter is designed as an introduction to our mission, goals and growth with a focus on our communication and dissemination activities so far. Enjoy!

– Тhe TRANSPATH dissemination team

Meet our project coordinators

Prof. Francisco Alpízar

Chair and Professor of the Environmental and Natural Resource Economics Group at the Department of Social Sciences

Dr. Jeanne Nel

Programme Lead: Biodiverse Environment

Wageningen University and Research (WUR)

Wageningen University and Research (WUR)


There is a widespread agreement among science and policy communities that conventional policies will not be enough to halt biodiversity loss or curb climate change. More urgent and ambitious ‘transformative changes’ are needed to the ways in which we live, and the ways in which our economies and societies use and relate to nature and natural resources.

In support of that, TRANSPATH aims to identify leverage points and interventions for triggering transformative changes at consumer, producer and organisational levels through inclusive deliberation. Launched on 1 November 2022, the project brings together leading academics, science-policy experts, and early-career professionals in the global North and South to engage with those who affect and are affected by trade regimes and associated ‘greening’ mechanisms.

Learn more about TRANSPATH’s vision and mission here.

What's new?

Project website

Freshly launched, the TRANSPATH website ( provides online communication tools and routes, allowing easy access to information about the project. The platform already contains news and events sections, informing about future and past happenings. In addition, the public library section will contain all TRANSPATH articles as they come, as well as a separate section within the library with all relevant to the project publications. Finally, visitors can access all visual and electronic promotional materials in the media center.


Our insightful one-pager provides a clear overview of the project with brief information about the environmental issue, TRANSPATH's mission, consortium and social media accounts.

Social media accounts

TRANSPATH has established a unique corporate identity on two social media channels, which have been actively managed since the start of the project. The currently operational social media accounts for TRANSPATH are:





Social media campaign

Behind every great project, there stands a great consortium. Each TRANSPATH member has a special contribution to the project with their unique background, expertise and knowledge. In order to highlight their importance to the project, a new social media campaign titled #TRANSPATHfaces has being launched. Every week, the campaign is featuring various project partners, their stories and roles within the project.

What's next?

Just before TRANSPATH's First Birthday in November, stay tuned for our anniversary newsletter! It will be entirely focused on the project progress and developments, news updates and upcoming events.


Transformative Research for Sustainability Challenges

This course provides PhD candidates with exciting concepts and methods to enhance the potential of their research to beneficially contribute to society and the environment. Participants are guided through a process designed to surface and examine fundamental assumptions that underpin their research approaches to inspire future trajectories both within and beyond their PhD. The course will take place in the University of Twente, Netherlands, between April 22 and May 3, 2024. Calls for registration to open in September. Sign up here to receive a notification of when registration opens.


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