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Cromer Artspace October Newsletter

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Win this framed print by Antony Gormley

Sir Antony Gormley

Raffle of framed print by Antony Gormley – who will be the lucky winner?

On 14th October at 5.30pm we will draw the winning ticket for the raffle of the Antony Gormley print, so you have only a few days left to buy your tickets and to promote the raffle to everyone you know and everyone you meet!

Antony Gormley has been most generous in donating this print in support of Cromer Artspace projects. Someone will be lucky enough to win a print worth thousands for the price of a £5 ticket.

Tickets are on sale at Artspace on the Prom and online via our website. All the money raised will go towards enabling Cromer Artspace to fulfil its aims of making art and creativity accessible in Cromer for the benefit of residents and visitors.

We do really need the money! Our running costs are higher than you might think, the building needs further improvement and we want to bring exciting art to Cromer and to support emerging artists. For example, we are including a schools’ exhibition in the 2024 programme and hope to enable artists to work with the children.

Every penny counts.

Question and Answer session with some of the ‘Colour’ show artists

On 14th October at 5.30pm, after the raffle draw, we will have a Q&A session with some of the artists whose work is in the ‘Colour’ show. Curator Sue Bell will ask them about their work and you will also have a chance to ask your own questions. Come along to chat over a glass of wine, meet the artists and share ideas about colour.

Exhibitions at Artspace on the Prom

Black and White: From the Ethereal to the Concrete, Esther Boehm


until 18 October

Cromer Artspace Open: Colour continues until October 18th, including work in a range of media: glass, photography, textile, wood, painting and print.  

Artists included are from Cromer, Norfolk, London, Worcestershire and Doncaster, all showing new and recent work.


The PV was well attended and many visitors have come especially to Cromer to see the show, with very positive responses.

Material Process

Saturday 21 until Sunday 29 October

Material Process includes work by Hannelore Smith, Francesca Cant and Kaitlin Ferguson.  You can meet them and talk to them about their work on Saturday 28th October from 4pm.

The PV will be on Saturday 21 at 6pm.


Writing Poetry

On Friday 27th October from 4.30 to 6.30 Rosemary Appleton will lead a workshop at Artspace on the Prom on writing poetry, linked to the Material Process exhibition, followed by an Open Mic session at 6.30pm. 

The workshop will cost £10 and you can book on the website The Open Mic will be free.

Hanse Experiments (Part II)

On 1st November the Submersed Research Collective will be back to show work developed following their original residency at Artspace on the Prom in November 2022. 

They will show photography, film and drawings made as a result of their 2022 contacts with local people, thinking about the North Sea and the Norfolk coastline.

They will hold informal conversations with Phil Harris, Judith Ellis and Chris, a local farmer, on Friday 3rd November and Saturday 4th November. Look on the website or at Artspace on the Prom for further details.

Very sadly that will be the end of our 2023 season, but there will be…

Winter residencies

This winter, although we are planning for future improvements, it will still be very cold and damp in Artspace on the Prom. If you know any artists who nevertheless would like to work with the amazing light, the sound of the sea and proximity to waves, they should contact [email protected]!

We have two bookings already.

Planning ahead for 2024.

The panel met to finalise the programme for 2024 on Wednesday 4th October and selected from 22 submissions to produce a varied and balanced programme. More information will follow in the November newsletter.

On 9th October there will be a meeting to discuss the next stages for Pictures around the Town. If you have ideas send them to [email protected]. The survey of the project so far has produced some very warm responses:

the variety of works...some known others unfamiliar...the way that you come upon them unexpectedly and placed in off the beat places....the generous length of time they have been on show means they have become friends to be dropped in on from time to time “

Extremely well done exhibition with good range of periods and subjects.  Amusing choice of painting for location - eg Draught of fishes on chip shop wall. Don't know whether all were matched but several were - full marks for attention to detail!”

On 16th October the first Advisory Forum meeting will be held to generate ideas about what events, workshops and talks etc might cohere around the programme of exhibitions at Artspace on the Prom and the outside exhibition of ‘Pictures around the Town.’ We plan to hold regular Advisory Forum meetings on specific topics, inviting contributors according to the topic. Look out for a report in the November newsletter.

We are waiting to hear that invitations to tender for the work on the roof have been sent out so that work on the roof can be completed early in the spring, using the money we raised through a grant. In the meantime we are busy working on grants for the next stages of insulation, ventilation, heating and lighting.  If there is anyone who would like to join our team working 'behind the scenes' on projects like fundraising please get in touch [email protected]

Plans have been drawn up for better storage and new sinks ‘backstage’, for which we need funding or sponsorship.

Welcome to new volunteers

We are delighted to welcome more new volunteers to our team, some of whom enjoyed the Volunteers’ Viewing for the Colour exhibition.

There is always a wide range of tasks: helping with publicity, greeting exhibition visitors, refreshing the paint, assisting with admin, looking after one of the Pictures around the Town. Perhaps you have a friend who would like to join us?

There will be a Volunteers’ Social on November 24th at 2pm at the Community Hall which could provide an opportunity to introduce someone thinking of joining us.

See you soon

We look forward to seeing you at one of the upcoming exhibitions or events.

Raffle of framed print by Antony Gormley

On 12th Nov The Belfry will be having an Art Auction to raise funds. 

The artwork will be exhibited for two weeks prior to the auction and we would love to have a good mixture of styles and artists on display.

See Facebook for details

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