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June 18, 2023

Ezekiel 47:12 Fruit Trees of all kinds will grow on both banks of the river. Their leaves will not wither, nor will their fruit fail. Every month they will bear fruit because the water from the sanctuary flows to them. 

Their fruit will serve for food and their leaves for healing.

Hi everyone, 

In celebration of Father's Day, I listened to Cat Stevens' Father and Son which was our song for Happy Father's Day with my David. In the song, the son is fighting the father. From the time I could talk, I was ordered to listen. Now we can hear each other again after the Plandemic. Let's see if we can speak the truth in love.

Talking about fathers, a shout out to Tom and his wife Carol my friends, In Barnesville, MD, who are healing, God wins! Thanks to their faith in God and our teamwork with Andrew Serafini, Light Dove Ministries, and Dr Tracey Stroup ND, Get Healthy Store for using the multifunctional multi target platform we patented with Genyous. 

In last week's HighWire,  Jaxen in his report, presented a paper that shows the possible pathways of the Turbo Cancer. 

Hypoxia inducible factor 1 alpha: It was the masks that caused cancer, and of course NFkB is the cytokine signature for AIDS and COVID as I demonstrated with my PhD Thesis and continued to provide curated strategies using the disease engine strategy in the Lab of Antiviral Drug Mechanisms I directed from 1999 to 2002 where my team isolated and characterized what I called HHV9, the CLL virus on February 2nd 1999.
Which we now appreciate was EBV+ the XMRV syncytin, the component of SARSCov2 chimeric strain of EBV. We knew God's healing strategy and used the strategy in the figure below to stop the disease engine and cured the cancer, AIDS, and autoimmune disease associated. It's a curative strategy.

We patented it, November 4 2010.

This week’s Highwire episode, Righting The Wrong, was again a stark reminder of how Big Pharma operates: omitting key data, designing studies to fail the product, keeping cheap and affordable protocols away from the public. If you caught the great Dr Paul Marik on this week's TheHighwire episode: "What Is Dr. Marik’s Life-Saving Protocol for Treating Sepsis?," you know what I am talking about.

What is Sepsis? Here is the definition from Pub.Med on the NIH website: 

Sepsis is a life-threatening organ dysfunction caused by an unregulated response of a host. Septic shock is its most severe form. It is manifested by a drop in blood pressure, which decreases tissue perfusion pressure, causing hypoxia that is characteristic of shock. Sepsis is still one of the leading causes of mortality worldwide. Its incidence has increased since the first consensus definitions were established in 1991.

Again, as we keep saying over and over again: Nutrition is the key! having a strong nutritional foundation strong will always be the right path to wellbeing. Do not go back to the allopathic doctors (mainly MDs) who hurt you in the first place.

Similar to Dr Marik, we had the above patent for a curative strategy for prostate cancer, and the FDA would not approve it, despite 12 month and Phase I-II trial in 2014.

If only the corrupt FDA had approved Anuestat,  we would have had the cure for Ebola in 2008. 

A lot of work has been put into research and education. However, it starts with taking responsibility for your own health. This is the reason we created the education Classes with Dr Tracey for you. You have got to equip yourself with the information that was hidden from you for too long. We as a society placed our trust in the wrong people. If you truly want to exit the sick care system and get well for good, these classes are a must. From the feedback I get from many participants who have taken them, it has been the liberating tool they had been waiting for.

These classes are the educational foundation for you to build the nutritional foundation for a healthy immune system for you and your family. It’s not the synthetic shots people, it’s the food that keeps you thriving. Walk away from the systems designed to hurt and kill you: healthwise, financially and spiritually. Go to Freedom Law School for classes on financial Freedom.

Without having deeper knowledge of the classes we teach, I give you the baseline protocol that you could start today if you wish. Taking this for two weeks is a safe way to start your health journey and hopefully gives you enough time to get set up with GlobalTekMD and the outstanding physicians working there to tailor your individual care plan to your specific conditions:


It was good to be back at the Church of Glad Tidings near Yuba City, CA, on the God Wins Tour with Light Dove Ministries.

You can watch my presentation and Click here for my slides. 

Support Light Dove Ministries

At the Light Dove Ministries event in Live Oak, I ran into Reinette Senum, two terms mayor of Nevada City, CA and 2022 California gubernatorial candidate. She told me about her latest venture, Gen Seven whose mission is to activate citizen engagement and leadership through the strategic use of state referendums and people-powered initiatives. The organization's name is based on an ancient Iroquois philosophy, the decisions we make today should result in a sustainable world seven generations into the future.

Last Sunday I participated in a private event where Dr David Martin, PhD and I took turns to share parts of our true stories to an audience. It was interesting to notice similarities.

That's the word he used in his recent interview with HisGlory: His story. It's our stories. It's true history. Is it our experience.

It's our curriculum vitae, what we've done on this earth. It's what we've done that tells you what we truly believe, that tells you: Who's your Daddy!

Best of health and God bless,
Dr. Judy A. Mikovits, PhD


Just a reminder, fear was the virus & today remains the disease!

Love and take care of your self, eat actual food, and stop ingesting and injecting GMOs!
Here is my daily protocol, please use and please share:

With Dr Tracey Stroup, ND we make courses and products available so you can make educated choices.

On Wednesday, on the Sane Asylum #148, along with Robert Phoenix, I spoke about how Robert Kennedy Jr wrote the forward to my book Plague of Corruption because of his knowledge about environmental toxins, exposing the corruption in the 3 letter agencies!

Watch Full episode here

With Clay Clark this week we spoke about autism - GMO - synthetic virus & more.

I like to call a cat: a cat!

At least Elon Musk said one thing right, it's not mRNA, which is of God, it's synthetic RNA.

KENNEDY 2024, June 24

On June 24th in West Los Angeles, a fundraising event for Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Democratic Presidential Candidate.

Get a chance to meet Bobby Kennedy Jr. in person. In elections it's all about the primaries! I stand by men of God and integrity who actually care for humanity.


The Sound of Freedom is a true story that exposes the darkness of child trafficking. We can make a difference for this now 2-year old movie that Hollywood doesn’t want you to see! Not showing near you? Help it premiere in more theaters on July 4th! Submit a Sound of Freedom: Theater Request.!


New release date! Sign up below and stream over 90 videos for free beginning July 11th through August 1st. You can also purchase and download the videos to unlearn at your leisure after the free viewing period ends. Purchase includes reference materials, transcripts and presenters gifts!


The Master Plan for Raising Healthy Kids & Adult 

Featuring Special Guest Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Receiving the "Global Freedom Impact Award."

Limited Seating - Tickets Need to Be Reserved in Advance

GlobalTek MD C.A.M. Network


Dr Tracey Stroup and I will be offering FALL enrollment with several designations for health care professionals and lay people who want to empower themselves with knowledge to take their health back! Subscribe for Updates.


You can still register for past courses. Select one or more courses and you will receive the live stream link and entrance into the learning management system.

Dr. Judy's Daily Nutritional Protocol

New Packaging Coming Soon!

Mix one scoop of Pro Lean Greens with one scoop of Cardio Miracle for breakfast daily. Or have a glass of Pro Lean Greens at breakfast and a glass of Cardio Miracle before lunch.

…add one or two scoops of IF200

…and take one DMG capsule daily.

Stops RNA virus transmission.

This should answer a lot of questions:

Nattokin Plus

It is about the right formulation! Read the product details.


PureHaven for Purest Ingredients

Micronic Silver - Organic Health Care

Micronic Silver is a whole new classification of silver for all natural, organic health care, such as Oleazone Ointment to combat Spike Proteins. Use Coupon Code ‚ÄúDr. Judy‚ÄĚ for a 10% discount on all products in the store.

HMB - Hemp Mind & Body Difference

ROOT - Cure the Cause

ASEA Redox - Vitality & Wellness

ASEA Redox Cell Signaling Supplement

ASEA redox* enhances the ability of every cell in your body to function at a higher level, which can have a positive impact on every system from the day you begin using it. ASEA REDOX is scientifically shown to signal the activation of genes that:

  • Maintain cardiovascular health and support arterial elasticity
  • Improve immune system health
  • Maintain a healthy inflammatory response
  • Improve gut health and enzyme production
  • Modulate hormone balance to support vitality and wellness

*Hint: use the top right arrows to scroll through the product information pages.

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